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The Multiple Wave Oscillator

The Multiple Wave Oscillator it consists of two instruments, the Generator and the Resonator. The Generator is the larger of the two, since it produces the activation of the circuits on a great variation of frequencies, the power of which is controlled by a single dial.

The Resonator, being a slightly smaller unit, is connected by a cable, and its purpose is to 'resonate' or oscillate in unison with the frequencies produced by the generator. The resultant forced field passed through any living tissue and reactivates the cell structure to a healthy vibration.

CopenLabs MWO


This is a special model made to order for the practitioner who requires to use the instrument for the treatment of the higher frequencies as in the radionic computers.
A system of switching increases the capacity of the oscillator to radiate the treatment for the mental auric and spiritual fields.


$ 2300 USD

The new MWO Portable Model

This is a new style Portable Multiple Wave Oscillator, shown in the open position. It has same operating instructions and power as the standard unit. The two units show the Generator & Resonator, while the bottom section contains Rates dials, and controls.

CopenLabs MWO Portable


Supplied complete, case coloured marron, but available in Black at no additional cost.


$ 2500 USD