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ASL - Selective Diagnostic/Programming Unit Model ASLD/95/PR2/SB

This new unit is a comprehensive improvement on the previous ASLD/90/PR1. It has the same dimensions, weight and general operation.. but with many added multi-functions, such as... Larger remedy receiver cup on the left hand side. Auto (LASER-SOLITRON) system.

New solid state reaction stick pad.. for use in analysis with 'stick' or pendulum use. Standard 10 second timing system. New diagnostic switching to simplify operation. Multi memory for storage of remedies in singles or formulas, either on EECS cards or more permanent mode. Addition sockets in rear for up to Four additional large cup units.

CopenLabs ASLD/95/PR2


Colour: Wine-Red, but others available. Complete with all instructions, including books and data sheets, cables and EECS Cards.


$ 3500 USD, Free Shipping.

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