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Auto-Radionic Broadcaster - EECS Card Operated

The Auto-Radionic broadcaster is a new concept of distance treatment with very positive results - using pre-coded treatment cards, thus avoiding the use of settings rate dials. The units give treatment on all levels. Unit A has a two-card activated broadcaster, which may be used for 1 or 2 patients. Unit B has a six-card activated broadcaster for up to 6 patients.

Cards can be pre-programmed on any Card activated radionic computer or ASL unit. This is a most compact unit - total weight only 2 Kg. Operation is very simple and needs no technical knowledge.

CopenLabs EECS Broadcaster


Simple instructions for this unit are supplied.. but not supplied with EECS cards - these can be supplied pre-programmed to your required rates - or supplied pre-coded from our supply.

Size: 30cm x 16cm x 6cm with sloping front as in photograph.


$ 1150 USD