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Electronic Vibro Potentiser Model EVP/CC/80

This model of the well-known potentiser solves the problem that many of our users have had for years, namely, to make a mixture of up to 4 remedies in the single media, in a wide range of potencies with an option of making 1,2,4 or 8 ounce quantities with plug accessories. The instrument has been in continual service for a number of years with success among many practitioners the world over. Its scale is from 1x upwards in numerical sequence to 100MM, which is usually far above the requirements of the average user.

A special introduction booklet of instructions is available which will give more data. The instrument is also shown in the Potentiser Handbook, and in the Materia Medica of Homoeopathic Formulaes. Fitted with 10 second timer system.



As usual it is in a wood cabinet, leatherette covered, with chrome plated fittings and black ebonite dials with white figuring.

Size of case (38cm x 29cm x 10cm), Weight 4Kg


$ 1700 USD, Free shipping.

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The Auto Electronic Vibro-Potentiser Model CC/86/8/APS

This is an improved model of the well tried and tested potentiser range, which we have invented, designed and manufactured for many years. This unit is enclosed in a matching style cabinet to the MK12 Computer.

This EVP incorporates the facility to manufactured from 1 to 8 remedies in one mixture, in any potency from 1x to 100mm (higher ranges made to special order).

The unit incorporates the essential features of the Auto-therapy Potentiser... and has a choice of built-in two sizes of cups, which way be used singly or together to enhance the amount of medicine manufactured. The new system can make any medicine in the short time of 10 seconds, this saving valuable working time.

CopenLabs EVP CC/86/8


The Cabinet comes covered in rexine, with polished Mahogany sides, and comes with all cables, plugs, literature rates books, etc. Additional extra or variations: 5 minute timer system, Large Cups units.

Size: 35cm x 38cm (height at back) and 4cm (height at front). Total weight is 3.8 Kilogrammes.


$ 1700 USD, Free Shipping.

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