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This is larger Single Cup unit for use with our CC/80 Potentiser series, and with the Autotherapy potentiser. This unit may be manufactured for connection to any other EVP in the range.

CopenLabs Large Cup


Model L/CUP/A with one outlet for some others in the CC/80 series, incluiding cable.


$ 500 USD

Auto-Electronic Vibro-Potentiser Large Twin Cup Attachment

The twin cup attachment shown in the photograph is designed to make a perfect match for the EVP CC/86/8/APS and most other units, and will manufacturer up to 1 kg of medicine at any one time. Either or both cups may be used at the same time, also the normal cups in the mother instrument as well.

Linked by a single multi flex cable to each large cup, it activates the built-in time activator and will provide the fast time of 5 minutes and quantity of remedy desired.

CopenLabs Twin Cup


Size: 35cm x 13cm x 13cm (height).


$ 800 USD